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Custom Application

Custom Application

You company is unique. You believe that your company has the potential to reach great success. You have a product that the general public needs, and you have hired a highly qualified staff. So, what is your company lacking that could help your knowledgeable employees complete sales? The answer is customized applications that can streamline the behind the scenes processes. Make your customer relationship management (CRM) program work for your company, instead of slowing it down. Incorporating applications that are specific to your unique requirements facilitates unified departments.

OFFICE VCAN offer real advantages to business attempting to streamline applications. Web-based applications run “on the cloud”, or the Internet, so they’re accessible from anywhere and at anytime. It’s all handled by application service providers, or ASPs, who charge the users a monthly fee based on use, much the same way your utility company does. Over time, the costs are fairly comparable with traditional on-site software suites, but they’re spread out over the life of your business, and don’t require the initial overhead of installing expensive hardware, paying software licensing fees, and keeping an IT staff to maintain it all.

Web-based applications are becoming an influential trend in the way businesses of all types handle their knowledge management. Any customer relationship management professional can tell you how important information can be in dealing with customer issues, which is why applications running in the cloud can be so useful. Off-site customer service reps can easily and inexpensively share data with sales, or any other component of the enterprise that impacts customer service. Furthermore, cloud based applications have the advantage of being much more customizable than traditional software solutions.

Customizations can be done several ways. Of course, a business can hire a software development company to create applications to fit their needs. However, one major drawback is that by the time the application development is complete, oftentimes the business has discovered changes that they desire. Therefore leaving them with applications that do not truly meet their requirements. Fortunately, applications can be completely customized with point-and-click and code writing options. Point-and-click is an user friendly way to make changes to the interface. Most employees can handle doing this on their own with just a little assistance and time to discover. Whereas, code writing can be slightly more complex, this is best left to IT employees. Many companies are selecting a combination of the two, therefore relieving the IT department of simple customizations. All too often, employees want to implement custom apps and add their desires to the long list of IT to-dos. Well, they can have immediate results.

When the application is tied in with data throughout the enterprise, the data sharing has boundless possibilities in terms of empowering agents to help their customers as quickly as possible. Applications run through the cloud are updated automatically, without affecting the customizations in place. The changes can be subtle, requiring little if any training for the agents or supervisors. ASPs are motivated to keep updates from being too disruptive to call center operation. The savings here are obvious since there’s no need to purchase numerous software licenses, update existing hardware, or go through extensive training for agents. This facilitates maximum customization and efficiency for the operation’s specific needs.

Customized applications balance cost, speed, and functionality for companies of all sizes. Having technology that is specific to your business needs is no longer out of reach. It isn’t enough to just have great staff and products; it is the way in which all departments work together that makes a difference. With so many advances in technology, it is easier than ever before to handle customizing applications in-house. The benefits of developing customized applications are infinite, look further to discover this for yourself.