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Setting Up Your Artwork

Setting Up Your Artwork

Providing us with the right sized images for printing to canvas are critical to creating the perfect canvas print for you. While we will check every image you send us and make recommendations if we have concerns, you can help us if you follow these simple guidelines.

First, the minimum image size we like to work with is 150dpi, and ideally 300dpi. These should be images that are that native resolution when you send them to us, meaning that the resolution of the image is 150dpi at an 11" x 14" size canvas, if that is the size of the canvas we are producing for you. What doesn't work is to have you add resolution to a small picture and then sending us the image you made. There is a science to enlarging an image, and off-the-shelf packages like Photoshop won't do it justice if it's a significant enlargement.

Second, when you think in terms of the size of the canvas, there is additional image needed to wrap around the canvas (if we are doing an overwrap ). While the canvas size you are ordering might be a 16" x 20" canvas, we actually need 20" x 24" inches of image to make it work properly. If you don't have enough image to wrap around the edge, we suggest requesting either an image edge, black edge or white edge.

If you have any questions about the artwork you have, contact us or upload the image with a note for us to check it.